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ChangerInc. is a Change Incubator Programme for Business & Workforce ™, delivered through a unique hyper-collaborative ecosystem of daring progressive design thinking, and revolutionary use of frontier, fit for purpose technology. It delivers continued education and professional development as well as improving and optimising the efficiency and cost of business processes and operations.

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Our Mission

ChangerInc.'s mission is to embrace humanity's greatest problem, global ageing, and shift it from a financial and socio-economic burden to a positive influencer and significant economic contributor to the global economy.

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The Industry

The global population is rapidly ageing

One of humanity's greatest achievements has been the increased longevity of human life. ChangerInc. re-think global ageing, as our greatest opportunity.

Ageing societies, skill and capability deficits, technological developments, digitalisation in businesses and society, a mobile generation, disintermediation and global competition all require the business, workforce and the consumer to be equally equipped with agile, fluid and adaptive skills, strategies, and experiences.

By 2030:

▶ 60%

of the world's population aged over 65 will be living in Asia.

▶ 600 Million

new jobs will be required to keep pace with expected Eldercare demands.

By 2020:

▶ 10 Million

new jobs in China to care for an Eldercare population of 248 million.

▶ US $3.3 Trillion

The market value of the baby boomer generation in direct eldercare in Asia.


The Business

What is ChangerInc.?

A global business solution that will revolutionise the way we work, educate and engage in relationships creating sustainable businesses and improved workforce capabilities.


Frontier Leading Technology

The Change Incubator Programme for Business & Workforce ™ is delivered through a unique hyper-collaborative ecosystem of daring, progressive, design thinking and revolutionary use of frontier, fit for purpose technology.


Lifelong Capability Development

ChangerInc. creates a new and scaleable paradigm of a continuous lifecycle of growth for both business and workforce that will revolutionise the way we work, educate and engage in relationships.


Building Sustainable Business

The targeted business improvements delivered by ChangerInc. optimise and improve the efficiency and cost of business processes and operations.


Social Impact

Part of ChangerInc.'s mission is to fund and empower positive socio-economic change.

Challenges and Solutions


Supply shortage of qualified individuals in the ageing sector.


ChangerInc. provides global capability development programmes to support the ageing workforce, as well as youth and women, to offer a more proficient and deft workforce for the ageing sector.


Employers and their employees have no capacity or infrastructure to verify workforce capabilities and professional experience.


ChangerInc.'s Global Workforce Passport ® will ensure accessibility and veracity of workforce experience and capabilities via blockchain technology.


Access to capability development programmes is limited.


Individuals within the ChangerInc. ecosystem will have continuous and lifelong access to further capability development programmes.


Without streamlined business processes and agile lean thinking, business costs will not be sustainable for the growing demands on the ageing sector.


ChangerInc. delivers continuous risk assessments and targeted business improvements to reduce business costs and improve business efficiency by supporting continued sustainability.

The Ecosystem

The hyper-collaboration of ChangerInc. utilises a distributed value ecosystem empowered by the massive potential of blockchain technology.

The Technology Ecosystem: ELMS®

ChangerInc. utilises and deploys ELMS®: a blockchain foundation along with other 'fit for purpose' frontier and cutting edge technologies, combined with disruptive thinking and processes to maximise potential, scalability, distribution of revenue and value, workforce capability and business efficiency.

The Blockchain Foundation

ChangerInc. is the “blockchain” disruptor of quality, business and workforce improvement for ageing, education and social impact.

We recognise the immense value and disruptive potential behind distributed ledger blockchain technology and embrace the future for business, workforce, education, ageing and social impact by integrating blockchain into our ecosystem.

Blockchain enables a decentralised ethical and transparent data flow, smart contracts, business and workforce incentives, and paves the way for ChangerInc. to deliver a rapidly evolving technological landscape, provide autonomous distributed value and revenue, and social impact projects driven by meritocratic process.


Key reasons ChangerInc. uses blockchain foundations in the technology ecosystem


Veracity and Verification

The blockchain ensures that all employees data, including career history, professional capability developments and ePortfolios are veracious and verified at all times. This means that tasks such as indentity verification are only ever done once.



Blockchain allows ethical and traceable flow of data between individuals and businesses.



ChangerInc. is daring and frontier focused, seeing past the cryptocurrency value, seeing deeper insights into the potential of the blockchain to eliminate the waste, hate and out of date of the business and workforce ecosystem.



Employees career history, capabilities, professional development achievements and ePortfolios are stored on an immutable, or unchangeable distributed ledger.



Blockchain-based smart contracts allow financial relationships to function without intermediaries, in a trustless manner.



Protected, autonomous, decentralised and distributed value and revenue for all relationships in the ecosystem.

Symbiotic Technology Micro-Ecosystems within ELMS®

The Change Incubator Programme for Business & Workforce™ includes multiple agile, cutting edge micro-ecosystems of fit for purpose technologies to enhance business, workforce and the ageing population.

As the economy, business, workforce and consumer expectations grow and change, ELMS® evolves.

Central to ChangerInc.'s mind shift for education is the Critical Assessment Zone CAZ® Technology included in ELMS®

Education is the base for a thriving society and knowledge transfer must be a priority, especially for the capability development of a workforce.

CAZ® is a symbiotic micro-ecosystem of virtual reality, smart devices, wearables, beacons, and blockchain potential combined with disruptive educational thinking and processes to maximise scalability, distribution, workforce capability and business efficiency for both developed and emerging economies. It delivers a seismic shift in education outcomes, increased value and quality, and cost reductions.

CAZ® is a Virtual Reality [VR] enabled environment that allows a user to experience a simulation of reality or 'near reality' scenarios.

Virtual reality and other technologies are used to ensure, and capture, the opportunity for scalable, inclusive, affordable, quality education and lifelong learning for all. CAZ® equips the current and future workforce on a mass scale, allowing its users to learn faster, retain information longer, and make better decisions.

In ChangerInc.'s Workforce Problem & Action Based Learning Activities© the workforce are guided by Passive-Observational VR experiences and Interactive VR experiences. The multiplicity of learning enhances generalisation and knowledge transfer and develops individual thought capacity to be better prepared for any situation.

Utilising CAZ® for capability development, ChangerInc. inherently provides the workforce in ageing with 21C and Industry 4.0 skills they will conitnue to use, improve and transfer throughout their employment lifecycle.

Importantly, the capacity to transfer new digital technology skills and knowledge to ageing consumers with whom they engage to enhance the quality of life in Eldercare is unheralded.

Meet the People
shifting minds in ChangerInc.

Lisa Short

ChangerInc. Visionary & Founder

ChangerInc. Group Managing Director

Chair, Global Academic & Industry Advisory Council

Visionary & Founder

Lisa proudly leads ChangerInc., who is delivering the change required and the global business solution that will revolutionise the way we work, educate and engage in relationships in the Ageing Sector.

The life-mission and quest for the past 5 years Lisa had the vision to harness the opportunity and potential, of hyper-collaborative long-term business relationships and daring and frontier thinking, with the massive benefits of cutting edge and fit for purpose technologies. Embracing autonomously empowered distributed value and revenue to grow sustainable businesses, build professional capable workforces, and deliver positive social impact to the world are uncompromised.
Lisa is a trusted and highly respected executive advisor, frontier thinker, and transformational solutionist to governments, organisations, and businesses globally. She has established strong working relationships at an international level to drive key decision makers to enable initiatives that reshape industry, improve business growth, productivity and sustainability, and support workforce.

Known as an influencer and 21st century visionary at heart, Lisa utilises her immense knowledge and expertise in a wide range of industries including medicine, ageing, healthcare, resources, vocational education, management and leadership, and public value. She dares to tackle humanity's greatest challenges, shift them, and deliver solutions in disruptive strategy, business improvement and workforce capability enablement empowered by fit for purpose technology. Lisa has unyielding belief in business and workforce working together to deliver extraordinary outcomes in social impact.

Sandra Catalano
Director of Marketing and Communications
Steve Mackey
Creative Director
Julia-Louise Premoselli
Digital Manager

Our 65 strong advisory, influencer and collaboration team
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